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A Language of Peoples


Peoplese is a global language designed to enable people around the planet to communicate clearly and accurately – without having to memorize thousands of exceptions to the rules.  Peoplese is based on English the way English is based on Anglo Saxon.  The difference between Peoplese and English is roughly 20,500 words.  Peoplese is English simplified, regularized, clarified, updated – plus the addition of numerous learner-friendly devices from Chinese, Spanish, and several other languages, along with clear guidelines for forming new words that will ultimately simplify and beautify the language.

Peoplese uses completely regular spelling, only four irregular verbs, no irregular plurals, hyphenated prefixes and suffixes with unique fixed meanings, self-explanatory mid-dot words, both familiar and formal pronouns, unlimited derivative possibilities, gender-specific function nouns, consistent and logical punctuation, an absence of inflexible grammar requirements, a revamping of European-centered geopolitical names, and logical, consistent geographical names based on satellite mapping -- among numerous other features.  Designed especially for non-native English speakers, intuitive and unambiguous Peoplese, with hundreds fewer vocabulary words and thousands fewer irregular derivatives to memorize, is much easier to learn than any existing major language.  Unlike increasingly chaotic English, Peoplese is designed to simplify and self-improve with age.

Peoplese' main concepts are explained, with examples, in the Overview section, along with other relevant topics.  The Features page details its many features.  The complete language, including a dictionary, is presented on this website.

Does your language contain a unique word that you would like included in Peoplese language?   If so, please fill out the on-line form.

A writing sample of Peoplese language is available for viewing.  We gratefully accept donations to this costly ongoing project.

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